CASH CUP TOURNAMENT!! Personal Best Record (Fortnite)

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Typical Gamer

Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 6 winning in trios tournament gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!

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Urijah Arnold
Urijah Arnold 14 ditë më parë
dopiefo0 15 ditë më parë
I used your code
Tynesha Hollingsworth
Tynesha Hollingsworth 15 ditë më parë
Hi typical
Maurice Miller
Maurice Miller 21 ditë më parë
Can you give me please My name on fortnight is XX Kobe giant XX please give me
garner ratt
garner ratt 21 ditë më parë
tg: dead dead dead dead dead dead *1 second later* tg: im dead dead dead dead dead dead
Karina Dominguez
Karina Dominguez 24 ditë më parë
Can you plz do the bottle flip challenge
Santiago Family
Santiago Family 27 ditë më parë
3:05:37 epic winn
Nicholas Philipose
Nicholas Philipose 28 ditë më parë
Queenie Evans
Queenie Evans 28 ditë më parë
Queenie Evans
Queenie Evans 28 ditë më parë
I. Love. Your. Videos
Cayson Corbiere
Cayson Corbiere Muaj më parë
i love whatching you play fortnite and i play fortnite to and i allways use your code
The butterfly gamer
The butterfly gamer Muaj më parë
17:40 lol
Zane Gough
Zane Gough Muaj më parë
Go to Ravens house and do a video on the new unstoppable bow
K-Dubby Wheats
K-Dubby Wheats Muaj më parë
Hi I am not sure
K-Dubby Wheats
K-Dubby Wheats Muaj më parë
K-Dubby Wheats
K-Dubby Wheats Muaj më parë
Swufz Muaj më parë
ᴵᵐ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᶦⁿᵍ ᵗᵒ ᵉᵛᵉʳʸᵒⁿᵉ ʷʰᵒ ˡᶦᵏᵉˢ ᵃⁿᵈ ˢᵘᵇˢᶜʳᶦᵇᵉˢ ᵗᵒ ᵐᵉ
Javeil Mack
Javeil Mack Muaj më parë
Imagine playing/goofing off soooooo much that you gotta ask “trolling or not trolling” every 10 seconds 🤦🏾‍♂️
scottibear Muaj më parë
Live chat replay is on. Messages that appeared when the stream was live will show up here.
Teaghan Coon
Teaghan Coon Muaj më parë
Lol Typical gamer : if you hit one ranger what does it do Ranger : uhhh it takes out my pick axe Typical gamer : oh ok do it 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m dead
Bayo Bright
Bayo Bright Muaj më parë
I like and subscribe
jordan cracked at fortnite
jordan cracked at fortnite Muaj më parë
Me : I'm kind of thirsty with girls but I don't even care
Lexi Martinez
Lexi Martinez 20 ditë më parë
jordan cracked at fortnite
jordan cracked at fortnite Muaj më parë
I'm just like typical gamer I have like kind of all the skins in the game
jordan cracked at fortnite
jordan cracked at fortnite Muaj më parë
If that's stupid like everyone's going to die
Justinj Fcb
Justinj Fcb Muaj më parë
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Kingsley Emenike
Kingsley Emenike Muaj më parë
Where’s the discord link please
AISHA AHMAD Muaj më parë
It is cray how much you guys are improving keep it up
Tony scantlebury
Tony scantlebury Muaj më parë
hi tg in school and watching you
Martha Russel
Martha Russel Muaj më parë
I wish I was that good
Dereje Tsegaye
Dereje Tsegaye Muaj më parë
37 this was so much fun.. U gys have improved a lot g👊
Dereje Tsegaye
Dereje Tsegaye Muaj më parë
Not thrilling😂
Guerito Llamas
Guerito Llamas Muaj më parë
2:52:28 little brain Ranger 😂
Mike Stanley
Mike Stanley Muaj më parë
WTH was all that shouting TG?? made me laugh a lot though!!! 😂🤣
Quinn Barrett
Quinn Barrett Muaj më parë
ッIcønicッ Muaj më parë
Play some different games pls Your views are dropping
Just Sparkless
Just Sparkless Muaj më parë
I am so glad you do competitive again i love to watch it bcs savage like I can’t folow and you are much more fun to watch
Roy Shafaei
Roy Shafaei Muaj më parë
can i have a PS5
Ryxzzs btw
Ryxzzs btw Muaj më parë
No No ni un buen
Ryxzzs btw
Ryxzzs btw Muaj më parë
No oo
Ryxzzs btw
Ryxzzs btw Muaj më parë
Si me
Ryxzzs btw
Ryxzzs btw Muaj më parë
No No
Ryxzzs btw
Ryxzzs btw Muaj më parë
Si Si
Ryxzzs btw
Ryxzzs btw Muaj më parë
No No
Ashley Quinlivan
Ashley Quinlivan Muaj më parë
Adrian Watson
Adrian Watson Muaj më parë
Leon Muaj më parë
Why does beast boy look so clean I knew beast boy was coming to fortnite who next cyborg
Jacob Fuller
Jacob Fuller Muaj më parë
Sydney Sander
Sydney Sander Muaj më parë
I want to W kEy😂
albrownmd Muaj më parë
Best trio to watch in competitive
Trix_2 Muaj më parë
Quote of the year: MiLK THE UTTERS!!!
Brendan bazil
Brendan bazil Muaj më parë
Jessaka Neubert
Jessaka Neubert Muaj më parë
Hey I'm the biggest fan
Alex Dangerfield
Alex Dangerfield Muaj më parë
Somebody said that you suck
Shadow Gaming
Shadow Gaming Muaj më parë
You the goat
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Kathleen Fitzpatrick Muaj më parë
Wee love u from the chat
S.S. Skilled#1
S.S. Skilled#1 Muaj më parë
TG has improved so much!!!
ROSCOE1212 Roscoe
ROSCOE1212 Roscoe Muaj më parë
My username
Josiah Barrett
Josiah Barrett Muaj më parë
Of course with out me
Puppypower 0112
Puppypower 0112 Muaj më parë
tell samara i said hi
what if master
what if master Muaj më parë
Typical gamer the beast boy skin is out
Thomas Owens
Thomas Owens Muaj më parë
Digital Asset News
Digital Asset News Muaj më parë
Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.
Jonathan 192
Jonathan 192 Muaj më parë
Are you getting your first skin🤩🤩🤩🤩
Jonathan 192
Jonathan 192 Muaj më parë
Typical Gamer are you getting your brand new skin 🤩🤩
Joshua Bernal
Joshua Bernal Muaj më parë
hi im a big fan and keep the good work up god bless you
Llama Man
Llama Man Muaj më parë
Congratulations on your locker bundle
Jamie McDuffie
Jamie McDuffie Muaj më parë
Muhammad Tuaha Shahzad
Muhammad Tuaha Shahzad Muaj më parë
Best & the funniest stream ever
Dawn Milburn
Dawn Milburn Muaj më parë
g g
Dawn Milburn
Dawn Milburn Muaj më parë
Jennifer Parker
Jennifer Parker Muaj më parë
SULL1V4N W1GG1N5 Muaj më parë
Hi typical gamer I’ve been subbed since 1 mil
Phazeout4076 Muaj më parë
Hi Typical gamer
Cory Altenburg
Cory Altenburg Muaj më parë
You are the king of fortnight
We love Tottenham Come on you Spurs
We love Tottenham Come on you Spurs Muaj më parë
Ranger a Noah and you are proberly are the best teamates
Asalina Muaj më parë
New update Fortnite (6 season)online
Roumi mobi
Roumi mobi Muaj më parë
young savage
young savage Muaj më parë
Ignor8ng the fact he only plays FoRtNiTe
Justine Richardson
Justine Richardson Muaj më parë
Love your vids
RalphWplays Muaj më parë
3:03:15 the TG alert
RalphWplays Muaj më parë
3:03:15 the TG alert
Aiden Callinan
Aiden Callinan Muaj më parë
I get made fun of watching you videos but you are awesome
Tads Muaj më parë
renton1977ah Muaj më parë
I'm addicted to this trio
Christopher Maloney
Christopher Maloney Muaj më parë
I got told you getting your own skin true
JAY Gaming
JAY Gaming Muaj më parë
@Typical Gamer you should be getting ur own ICON SKIN before season7
mariana cohen
mariana cohen Muaj më parë
Augustine Tekenimatang
Augustine Tekenimatang Muaj më parë
Bro can u PayPal me some dollar please
ROGER SHEALY Muaj më parë
Last game had my crying lmfao funniest clip ever I hope it’s on TG plays 😂🤣😂🤣
Pop smoke Fan
Pop smoke Fan Muaj më parë
U really trash bro sorry
Mr.seaweed Muaj më parë
Tg buddy looks I love your video but I think you should play 7days to die.
Chris Damario
Chris Damario Muaj më parë
Good play Typical
Dumbo 52
Dumbo 52 Muaj më parë
You are getting a locker bundle
Stacey Ann Lewis
Stacey Ann Lewis Muaj më parë
TG might be having a baby or getting a icon skin😯
Joshua Rosales
Joshua Rosales Muaj më parë
I love these streams! I miss his intro tho lol
Darla Pfister
Darla Pfister Muaj më parë
🙋‍♀️ Hi
Celina Cleroux
Celina Cleroux Muaj më parë
TG: I NEED TOO find someone I'm thirsty Me: HAHA
Mitch Gambert
Mitch Gambert Muaj më parë
U fugin simp
Tan Man77
Tan Man77 Muaj më parë
That last game was something really special!! The comms were unmatched
Brittany Perez
Brittany Perez 23 ditë më parë
Sasheen Akbani
Sasheen Akbani Muaj më parë
Hi tg
JENNIE ALLRED Muaj më parë
this is the best youtuber
Edgar Mendoza
Edgar Mendoza Muaj më parë
Build 90 tower
Tatum Miller
Tatum Miller Muaj më parë
hi i love you you are so good at fortnite and can you friend me my frotnite username is tay_and_taur2.0 plz i love you so much
Camron Cain
Camron Cain Muaj më parë
tg can you gift me the batman skin plz this is my name gaza341.
Emma Hall
Emma Hall Muaj më parë
Hi tg
Tyler Coleman
Tyler Coleman Muaj më parë
its crazy how he is getting his own locker bundle
MVR Doctor
MVR Doctor Muaj më parë
He is?what's the skin.
Jackxm Muaj më parë
I know right
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